Our store only sells original baby products. All products are certified and 100% safe for your children.

Upon receipt of the goods, also pay special attention to the presence of all documents that confirm your rights to warranty service: a sales receipt that records a purchase in our online store, as well as a warranty card (if it is provided for this product).

Cases when the store has the right to refuse warranty service:

  • damaged warranty seals;
  • the presence of mechanical damage, or damage resulting from
  • inappropriate or careless use of the goods;
  • if the operating rules specified in the accompanying documentation are violated;
  • if an independent repair was made, internal communications or other elements of the product were broken, changes were made to the design, or product diagrams.

Also, the warranty does not apply to the product in the event of:

  • natural wear and tear of the elements of the Goods or the final use of the resource;
  • the presence of accidental damage, or defects resulting from careless use (dustiness, traces of liquid, getting into the middle of third-party objects);
  • damage caused by natural disasters (natural phenomena);
  • damage caused by emergency power surges or improper connection;
  • damage caused by defects, deficiencies in the system in which the Goods were used, due to the connection of the Goods to other devices;
  • damage due to misuse, or violations of operating rules;
  • broken software that is not included in the package.

Please note: the returned item, which cannot be returned (does not meet the necessary conditions), we send back at the expense of the buyer.