Mulimi Diapers S 4-8 kg 56 pcs


Safety, comfort and reliable protection are the main requirements for the production of baby diapers in 2021. All of this becomes possible with the help of new technologies, equipment, quality materials, and the hard work of manufacturers.

The comfort is reached by the unique shape of a diaper, taking into account baby’s anatomy and close attention to details.

Mulimi diapers correspond to the following characteristics:

  • Unique 3D texture provides minimal area of contact of the inner layer of a diaper with the baby’s skin.
  • Lightweight – the weight is close to 30 grams.
  • Incredibly thin, about 2mm thick.
  • There is a cutout for the navel area in the newborn size.
  • The elastic band gently wraps the baby’s body providing soft and comforting diaper’s fit.
  • Double elastic sidings around the legs prevent leakages without putting pressure of the diaper on the baby’s skin.
  • The natural ventilation is achieved by the breathable materials on the band, sidings and the diaper’s surface. Diapers are good at letting the air in, which helps to avoid any kind of rash, redness or irritation.

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