Set Of Honey Bunny Alilo G6 and Smart Bunny Alilo R1

Alilo R1 bunny advantages:

  • Color recognition technology – recognizes the following colors: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, white, black, gray.
  • Comfortable toy shape, child-friendly and durable construction
  • Safe silicone soft lugs can glow
  • Works 5 hours without recharging. CHARGE ONLY FROM A COMPUTER
  • The presence of downloaded content – 16 songs and 16 fairy tales (5 songs in English, for the development of the baby)
  • 5 soothing sounds for a sound baby sleep
  • Funny rattle: 66 ringtones. If you shake, one ringtone will play. Stop playing and shake again after 2 seconds – the next ringtone will be played.
  • Hi-Fi speaker with volume control.

Honey Bunny Alilo G6: Music MP3 Player Night Light

  • More than 20 popular children’s songs and fairy tales are already stored in memory
  • Load any educational content into memory and let your little one enjoy learning!
  • Children’s night light – Alilo G6 hare ears glow in the dark, illuminating the room with soft light. Sleeping with such a night light is not at all scary!
  • Solid construction, no sharp edges, soft ears – you can scratch your teeth
  • Can record your voice!
  • 4 hours of continuous play on a single charge!
  • Powered by built-in battery. No batteries needed. CHARGE ONLY FROM A COMPUTER
  • All content can be updated, there is a built-in 8GB Micro SD card, as well as a Micro USB cable.
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