Alilo Baby Bunny G9 (RU)


I’m Baby Bunny Alilo – a charming media player, a night light and a true friend for your baby. Like other alilo bunnies, I can read fairy tales and sing songs.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: I sing songs and read fairy tales, play white noise and sleep music, and also turn into a night light!
  • FOR KIDS: Designed to be easy to handle for little hands.
  • SAFE: I have no sharp corners and the lugs are RoHS safe silicone. Even the speaker is made specifically to protect children’s hearing.
  • UNLIMITED CONTENT: Using Bluetooth, you can play content from other devices.
  • DURABLE: High impact ABS plastic construction that is 30 times stronger than conventional plastic. And the battery is rechargeable.
  • BUILT-IN MEMORY: I have 8 GB of built-in memory. I can memorize up to 1000 songs or 200 fairy tales.
  • ADD TO FAVORITES: You can add your favorite songs or fairy tales to your favorites.
  • SOOTHING SOUNDS: I have many different sounds and melodies for sleep recorded (white noise, sea sounds, heartbeat sounds, etc.). It will always be easy to fall asleep with me.
  • AUTO SLEEP FUNCTION: If no one plays with me for 30 minutes, I will go to sleep (this function can be turned off). To wake me up, just press any button.

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