A bit of history

We are a family from Riga, who recently had a wonderful baby, like all parents, we have been looking for a long time what the baby can like, and most importantly, how to keep him busy for a while! We saw a lot of reviews about Alilo bunnies. It turned out that both parents and children are delighted!

They firmly decided that we need this toy. It turned out that it is not sold anywhere in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Also, it turned out that many parents from Latvia are looking for and want to buy this toy, but the search is unsuccessful.We turned to friends in Russia and Belarus to send us a toy, but even there all the suppliers ran out of bunnies! And then we realized that we need to take everything into our own hands, and urgently take Alilo smart bunnies to the Baltic states!

We contacted the manufacturer, made an order, developed bunnies that speak Latvian, Russian or English. This is how we got exclusive distribution rights for Alilo bunnies in Latvia! We are very glad that at last such a wonderful and smart friend Alilo will appear in families in Latvia!